Thursday, August 13, 2015

All Stacked Up - Colored Pencil On Ampersand Pastelboard 16 X 12


"All Stacked Up" 16 X 12 - Colored Pencil On Ampersand Pastelbord is finally complete.  The Teapot shown here is one we inherited from my sweet husband's Grandma Treida and the various teacups came from my mother, and mother in law.  The blue glass creamer is from my Nana.  And no proper tea party would be complete without sugar cubes (or so my Granddaughters think).   

This CP Painting will be waiting for delivery to my Nov. /Dec. One Woman Show at Uptown Gallery, Richmond, VA in late Oct.   I'm still tossing around titles for my show so if anyone has ideas let me know.  I'm hoping to convey all the possible surfaces and subjects that Colored Pencil Paintings can be presented in.   

This summer has been a time of change, new beginnings and creations both here at home, in the studio and in my life.  And after a bout with Lyme's disease I'm finally feeling like I can make some real decisions in my life and art.  The best thing is we are expecting a new grandchild via my youngest son David and his lovely wife Angela in Jan.  2016.  I love babies and miss that sweet baby smell.  

I have been working on the details of my Colored Pencil Workshop for the Old Dominion Decorative Painters Assoc. here in Richmond for Sept.,  as well as taking a workshop in Oils which I will post about next.   Don't get me wrong I'm not abandoning colored pencil, just adding a little something new to shake things up.  As much as I love the pencil point and detail I'm missing the ability to spread paint about with a brush.  So not to worry I will still be working like crazy in CP since I have my show coming up in Nov.  

My studio mate, Bacio wants to say Hi ;)) and he's given his approval on the completion of the above piece.  Which usually means he looks at me and then the piece I'm showing him and then proceeds to jump into my lap.  Saying, "OK your done now, pet me!"  I admit it's a little self serving on his part, but sometimes I need someone else to say "Back away and quit fiddling, it's done."  
                                                                                                        Oh, he wants you to know he's just celebrated his First Birthday!


  1. I like this still-life painting very much. All tho objects are painted very right and just perfect. The only thing I'd really want to change is the background. I'd better make it darker though the objects would look more significant and more volumetric.

  2. Changing the background on a piece can change the entire feel of an artwork. The intent for this piece was to be bright and cherry, just like the way looking at these family heirlooms makes me smile. Darker backgrounds can lead to a more somber feeling.

    The best thing about looking at art is that it makes you think about how changes effect the whole and the intent. Thank you for your comments and viewing my blog!

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