Friday, March 31, 2017

CPSA Entry for 2017 Convention finally done!

"Happy Tequila" 12 X 16" Colored Pencil on Ampersand Board

Entry into the CPSA (Colored Pencil Society of America) International Exhibition is always a stressful choice.  I often find myself thinking of a brand new piece that is ripe for competition as an image.  WE all hope that competition pieces are also salable pieces but the true fact is that most images that are great selling subjects just don't have the "It" factor for most large shows.  One judge selecting your work out of 870-900 entries from around the world, is quite a gamble.  Some artists would think the odds out weigh the gain.  And there is the cost also, entry fees, packaging costs, shipping fees, cartage fees and return fees should it not sell at the exhibition.   But I know no other way to build your artistic portfolio without entering the gamble.

Sure there are many folks that say you why go thru this expense, nerve racking process just to have One Judge determine your fate?  I know artists who have entered their work up to three times (a piece can only be eligible for entry for 3 years from completion).  Some may have been turned down 2 of those 3 times.  But get in on the third try!  Yay!!! Hands Clapping!!!!! ;))  After all it's one person's opinion each year.

Seashell Treasures 1 - 6 X 12" Colored Pencil on Ampersand Board
The thrill of being accepted is like no other and I have had that thrill 3 times, thus getting my CPSA Signature status in 2013.  (You have to get into the International show 3 times in 10 years)  I did it in 5 years.  After that when you get in you can earn 5 year Merit status, 10 year and up.  The works have to be on a surface without preparation, 100% Colored Pencil and of the artist's own  photo reference!

The Seashell Treasure 1, above is my second entry, as you can enter up to two works.  Opinions vary but it has been said that works in similar subject matter, stye and feel help your work get noticed.  I created two Seashell Treasures for our local Bon Air Artists Assoc. fundraiser show (Artful Healing) last weekend, see 2nd one below.  "Artful Healing" sponsored by Bon Air Artists Assoc. benefits the World Pediatric Project's efforts to bring medical care to countries in Central America.  And in reality it is my second and third piece in the collection.  The first one SOLD to a collector a few years ago. 

Seashell Treasures 2, 6 X 12" Colored Pencil on Ampersand Board

Now that the my entry is complete and the show is over,  (I was treasurer for the BAAA project), I have a few days to get ready for my April classes.  But the best part is that the weather is getting to be more like Spring and I'm ready for some "Plein Air" painting!  What's on your easel?

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