Monday, April 2, 2012

Backlit Citrus

                                            6  X 12 Colored Pencil on Ampersand Pastelboard

Here's a new piece I finished right before we took a short trip to Florida and my spring classes started.  A small one, that really looked good in the black frame with gold inside trim, I placed it in.  And especially on an easel on my kitchen counter top.  I left it there for a few weeks, one because the under counter lighting made it look so luminescent and two because I've been very busy working on teaching my current two classes of new colored pencil students.   And I have some great students!  Who are 2 classes in and doing so well.

I'm currently working on a slightly longer new piece with the same theme of back lighting.  One that I've worked on setups for during the last 4 months.  The thin format should make these great pieces for kitchens, under cabinets or in a grouping.  But really I'm playing with this layout and lighting,  planning for a larger work yet to come.  No drama here, I'm just working things out in my head and in photos first.  Testing palette colors and playing with my cp's. 

I hope you enjoy this piece and I hope to be posting the new one soon.  Oh, and have a colorful day!
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