Friday, January 18, 2013

2013 First New Piece

                  Backlit Teapot and Grapes 12 X 16 Colored Pencil on Ampersand Pastelboard SOLD

Another new piece finished and ready to be framed, but it seems to have me stumped as to which or how to frame it.  My normal go to frame (wide black with a strip of antique gold) just doesn't say wow!  So I'm looking at my options so the piece looks great and it still goes with my collection.  This seems to be an on going issue every several months.  My series of Backlit usually go with the above mentioned black framing but the warmth of this one just doesn't sing when given that option.  I usually am struck by the framing dilemma when my "go to" frame is no longer available, which usually happens when I have just settled on a great new one, reframing or framing a number of a new series that way.

Keeping your collection uniform looks great in your booth at the Art Center Gallery or your tent when showing outdoors, but sometimes it's just not the right frame for the piece.  I don't like to pigeon whole my design or color choices by the "norm" framing options, it stifles my evolving creative juices so to speak.   So if I settle on one this one may make it to Crossroads for tonight's opening, but don't count on it.

Pardon my being absent for a few weeks after a sprained ankle and shoulder problems seem to have gotten in the way with my art.  Attending PT for the should has me thankful that it's my left and not my right.  Realizing my art is so important to me that I'd be lost without it.  I hope your New Year has you thankful about something great in your life and your day is as colorful as my snow covered but sunny day here.

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