Friday, June 19, 2020

A Note To Myself - "The Space In Between" - Artist Life

Slocan Lake View
Colored Pencil on Ampersand Pastelboard
6 X 12"

Note to my Readers: This post was written prior to my last finished colored pencil piece "Welcome Wellies" you can see it here.  At the time I thought it might never get finished. I wasn't quite sure I would share this on my blog as it's personal to my journey as an artist and adult but here goes....... 

The Space in Between, the skills in between the mastery or the sales.  The paintings in between or not yet finished, or maybe never finished.  Much like the Seasons in-between of nature, all have their place. The droning on of Winter’s chill and the awakening of Spring's warm temperatures.  My painting above gives me the feeling of the space in between.  If you'd like to see the post of this painting's story you can find it here.

We all need a period of rest, all plants and animals do too! However they never seem to need reminding.  A refilling of the well, rejuvenation of spirit, or re-found motivation, of new directions or purpose.  It all plays a part in the process.  The process of becoming and of creating.  I’m a stubborn sort, impatience I’ve written about before.  I’m also a perfectionist in many aspects of art, life and self.  However much I would like to release the perfection seeking, it’s part of me.  The “imperfection" of all this seeking is not lost on me.

Acceptance of “me” the real me and not the one I’ve read I should be.  It’s an elusive and lofty goal.  So right now I’m just working on the space between this goal and where I’ve been.  The right now moment where I sit, this current season of my life, the imperfect aging body I have - This space in between the artist I’ve been and who I want to be.  Acceptance of how far I’ve come.  Sitting in this space in between I can’t help to see possibilities of a future.  

So today I choose to accept the Space in Between.  Much like those first waking moments in the morning, between being awake or re-closing your eyes in denial of it.  It’s not easy some days.  The pull of staying warm in what we know like those soft blankets in our bed.  And opening our eyes to the bright morning light and risking the cool air to start our day.  

The vulnerability in those moments in between choosing can consume us and keep us from trying.  Although they can be exciting and full of energy if we let them.  Like the child on Christmas morning ready for the adventure of what may come.  

Sometimes we get caught up in the what’s next!  Rushing thru the check list, done, done, check mark!  We forget it’s the "In Between" days or stages of a project where we find the Joy of doing.  True it can be less exciting than the actual checking off.  But from what I know of artists’ block getting back into the process of doing (the In Between of completion), can be the hardest part.  Learning to enjoy this stage or find joy there is key for the long haul.  

So I sit in this silence of the In Between, I sit with where I am. Just like one can choose to go out on a mid Winter’s day to sit in the Season.  Drink it in, rest assured you are in the now. Enjoy the small promises of the sun peaking thru with the crispness of breeze in the air.  Learn to love the in between for there you will find the best of days in this space between.  

What is your Season In Between?  Where do you find the joy while waiting?  

I promise I'll get back to creating soon, but thought I'd add this new section to the blog for those who additionally need inspiring thoughts. If you'd like to see more of these make a comment and I'll try to oblige. 

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