Tuesday, September 13, 2016

"Friends - A Collaborative Exhibition" - Opening Nite and more about working a Duo Exhibition Oil Paintings and Colored Pencil Paintings

 For Arts Sake Gallery - Sept. 1 thru Oct. 3rd, 2016
Garlic - 4" X 8" WS Oils on cradled board
Scallots - 4" X 8" WS Oils on cradled board
 Opening receptions are great to walk into when you know you already have sold paintings!  Which does not normally happen!  So having sold 2 pieces within hours of delivery (One was still wet!) before they were even hung is a special treat.  The two oils on cradled board are oil paintings I created for this show.

My exhibit partner, oil painting friend Kathy Scott, also sold a painting before the show was hung, which had us both off to a great start.

I've participated in many opening nights, group shows, solo shows but it's great fun to be in a Duo Show.  As my regular readers know I am primarily a colored pencil painter who also works in water miscible Cobra oil paints. (Due to sensitivities I have to solvents and the aroma of most oil paints, even other brands of water miscible or soluble oils.)

The slow nature of 20-25 layers of colored pencil paintings makes for a less than optimum output to create in a year's time.  Galleries and shows generally need well more than 20-23 pieces to hang.  Especially if you work in sizes 18 X 24" and smaller sizes.  So working with another artist to create a show in a shared space is a great solution.  It doesn't hurt either when you have a friend who's palette compliments your own,  even in another media.  Kathy and I frequently paint plein air (in the open air) and her use of the Cobra oils enabled me to spend the day painting and traveling without the migraines I would have had if she hadn't.  Now that's a good friend!
The photo at the left is Gallery owner Diana Robinson, Kathy Scott and myself. (left to right) Thank you Dave Oxley for the great photo!

Kathy Scott's Oil Painting Don't Fly Away
Kathy's use of oils without consequence to my health gave me the hopes that I could once again pick up a paint brush!  Acrylics and watercolors had been media I used in the past which I left for my beloved colored pencils.

Her work and wonderful bird paintings can be found here at Kathy Scott Art.   Having a friend who's work compliments your own and who's working style is unique into itself makes combining efforts for a show much easier.

What we planned for in advance:
-A show title is a must, and we knew from initial talks about what we wanted to produce, that nature would play a big part.  Plein air work in both my mediums as well as hers was part of who we are, after all it's what we do together to have fun!
-Framing for our work, had to compliment the work but also be of a certain quality, check!
-Playing on both your strengths, enhances each other's work.  This is not the time to complete, support and encouragement is the power of all friendships and should be respected.
-Plan on a location that will showcase your work combined.  For Arts Sake Gallery was the perfect location for us both, convenient and appreciative of our Duo approach!
-Working in sizes similar to each other also helps for a pleasing exhibit.

Now since I teach Colored Pencil Painting Classes at For Arts Sake Gallery, so I wanted to showcase the many different surfaces colored pencil can be worked on.  Travertine Stone Tile, pastelboard, mylar, suede mat board -  I'm always trying to convert new artists to the medium!  If your curious about the gallery you can find their website here!
My model for Shauna - Mona Lisa's Smile posed for photo's at the opening.

And of course two additional sales on opening night were so appreciated.  My focal point painting: "Peaceful Skies - Poppy Collection" 18 X 24' Colored Pencil on Ampersand Pastelboard SOLD that evening to a favorite collector!  See my previous blog post to read about the "two medium series".  As well as another oil painting, Fleurs 6 X 8", below.

Working together to help each other's collector base grow and providing a cohesive exhibit presents artwork without waiting until you can fill a show.  We each had 23-24 paintings, that were able to fill the gallery's available space.  Thank you Diana Robinson, from For Arts Sake gallery for hanging and selling our work.  We both appreciate the hard work your gallery does on our behalf!

Now back to more color!

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