Sunday, May 31, 2020

"WELCOME WELLIES" - My Salute to a much loved family home and downsizing.

"WELCOME WELLIES",  20 X 16, Colored Pencil on Ampersand Pastelboard
Setting up what was to be the last Still Life at our big family home, was more than just your typical set up. It was to be a fond farewell to the home where we enjoyed raising our boys and welcomed grandchildren. This painting was one I thought about composing for a very long time. Putting together a garden vignette scene which would tell a personal story, of joy in past days, family and a bright future.  

It showcases many generations welcomed in our home; my mother's circa 1940's red umbrella, my Welly boots, and my grandchildren's alligator Welly boots (all 3 of them wore these fun little boots), with our colonial welcome yard ornament at our Provencal blue door. The pair of blue garden gloves was added to soften the boot edge and to bring a repeat of blue to the composition. The bouquet of flowers I placed in a vase and into the tall back boot were to enhance our two story entry for the Open House we had when selling this home.  The flowers are a symbol of how the gardens there were such a part of our lives. 

When completing this painting I wanted to preserve the glow of sunlight through part of the red umbrella and where the light steamed under it. Textures of the aggregate and brick porch floor wasn't fun but not hard to create but time-consuming. Although the reflections on the shiny stripped boots were fun and are always the best part to accomplish. Love doing reflections!

Just looking at this painting makes me remember all the wonderful times we had at this home. From Spring Easter Egg hunts to splashing in mud puddles! ;)) So much fun, graduation to prom photos, garden swings, badminton games, and paddle pools. Downsizing from such a home toward a smaller one where life can be easier, simpler and which allows for more art, family and good times is our future.

Transferred Line drawing

Watercolor CP under painting stage. 
While the above photos just show the beginnings of the painting, line drawing transfer then watercolor pencil underpainting of the door, umbrella and background tones. Much planning was done before the line drawing like the many set up versions to the many many photos. moving the ornament from right side to left for composition reasons after the photos were taken. However I neglected in my moving brain fog to photograph all the dry color pencil application stages.

The painting from set up to competition took 11 months, not because it was so large or difficult but because life got in the way. The process of downsizing isn't for the faint of heart and certainly not for sissies. Going from a home we as a family of 5 grew into and down to a home for two empty nesters took perseverance and cut throat eliminating. donating and giving.  

Always hoping for more time to paint, healthy partners, and not having to move twice from home to apartment/storage while building to finally moving again into our new open plan one story home. I love this new home and it was so "just in time" before my dear hubby's total knee replacement.

More on the new place yet to come, and a studio tour is a possibility so stay tuned. Sorry to have been gone so long from my blog and you readers. So comment if you can: Have you downsized recently? Has life gotten in your way of creating? How did you get back on track?

Back in the studio and out sketch journaling, at a safe social distance of course ;))
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