Monday, August 31, 2009

Getting out here for all to see!

I'm not really comfortable with putting together my thoughts for all to read.  But I have learned so much from other brave bloggers and artists out here I've been told I should add my own art to the mix.  I hope to document my travels in my art journey and likewise document my traveling with my art.  

I admire many artists blogs:  Nicole Caulfield, Toni James, Katherine Tyrrell.  And with my up coming very first trip to Europe I'm hoping to use what I've learned from Katherine Tyrrell and her blog.  MAKING A MARK – the blog    To use some of her tips and thorough steps to produce my very own landscapes of my travels.  You see I'm heading to Tuscany, the setting of my favorite movie! (Under the Tuscan Sun)  And if I can get my new netbook set up before I leave, I'll let you all in on how this first ever Plein Air painting trip goes.   For those who do not know, to paint "en Plein Air" means to literally paint out in the open air.    

I'm leaving with a group of 8 other women all who paint in watercolor or oil.  I will be the only colored pencil artist there!  Not having Plein Air painted with a group before, actually I've only sketched in my home garden.   This is truly an adventure.  All of my finished paintings whether watercolor, acrylic or colored pencil have been from a comfortable chair or desk inside.  If you go to my website: 
you will see my colored pencil paintings are usually close ups of my orchids/flowers, still life, or vignettes of my garden or favorite scenes.  My work has been characterized as realism with a hint of folk artsie.  This is probably because I started painting in acrylics from a decorative tole painting class, and I guess there is some of that carry over into my colored pencil work.  Although I personally feel my artwork style is still evolving. 

But hey what better place to learn/teach myself to Plein Air paint in colored pencil but Tuscany!   I aim big so if you choose to hang in here for my journey I hope I don't disappoint you.  With four days left before I leave there is much to do.   I hope to put down some of my thoughts on preparation and theories for keeping up with the many really good artists I will be traveling with.  

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