Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Powhatan Inspirations - Osage Oranges Still Life

                                    Osage Oranges Still Life 14 X 11 Colored Pencil on Board SOLD

I created this still life for a local Show of Fine Arts of Powhatan, my local art group.  It was to be exhibited at the local library but alas was not finished until after the show hung.  Fall has a way of getting too busy and life has it's normal way of getting complicated so "things" can't get done.  So I'm now just posting this entry as the work has hung at Crossroads Art Center since it's Nov.  reception.

The reference for the work was taken at Belmead Plantation which used to be Blessed Sacrement Cathlolic School and before that a school for Black youths dating way way back before there were any decent schools for them to attend.  The old Gothic building is in a state of disrepair that the community is trying to save.  Still owned by the Catholic sisters who ran the school, Belmead deserves to be preserved.

The still life was from a tour the Powhatan Historical Society gave and was graciously adorned with flower arrangements from the garden club.  Not sure if this is a shoe shine box or a tool box, it was set out on the front tiled entry portico.  The wall behind shows the peeling paint of the white washed exterior wall that is grey blue with age.  But just as the lumpy osage orange fruit here it has a beauty of it's own.  The pink sedum buds, green hydrangea blossoms and mum daisies dress up the wooden box.

My latest more contemporary still lives were sleek and backlit, but this piece had a time worn softness and beauty I wanted to capture.  Much like the Powhatan County I know and love.  

Colored Pencil Class schedules are ready for sign ups, starting thursdays Jan. 17th - Feb. 21st 2013.  Mornings are beginners classes 9:30 - 12:30 and afternoons are for continuing students 1:00- 4:00.

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