Thursday, December 30, 2021

Change - How does it show up at your table? Artist Life goal setting.

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As the New Year approaches and we reflect over the past, which let’s face it the past few years have been something we all want to change.  Change back to life as it was, pre-pandemic, or a new normal with positivity and health.  

Recently I read that "Sometimes Change wants a place at the table.”  And it resonated with me so much today when I sat with my “cuppa" in hand to do my normal prep for New Year thoughts, goals and aspirations.  No resolutions here but real deep thought into my looking forward personally and art wise. I’m a list maker and planner, I can’t help it.  So I’m asking myself how will Change show up in 2022 at my table.  

Change can come in many forms, large or small, scary or just in bits of stretching beyond our norm.  Sometimes we hold off acting to change things up if they seem “frivolous" or “good" for us. But I’m here to tell you that frivolous IS good for us.  It’s the part of life that requires a little commitment to change it up.  I see it as part of an exploratory heartbeat.  

After all many serious minded people consider being an artist a frivolous profession.  I can’t even think of a world without ART or art making! But that’s a topic for another day.

In your art form, when feeling uninspired, or in a funk.  A new media or technique you haven’t tried yet.  Pushing limits with what you do now or are afraid to try.  I find that if I say I’ll "Play with” a new art technique or media, my inner critic has less expectations of mastery.  Play enables exploration and we often as full time artists forget to incorporate it purposefully.  Scheduling a “Play” session a couple times a month is a big Goal for me in 2022. Mixing some additional media with my dear CP’s on a more frequent basis pushing some limits I’ve held to in my personal practice. 

In your life when your bored with the day to day. A change in your daily schedule adding a new idea or reincorporating a dismissed habit (morning walk, daily sketching restart or gratitude journal up take).  Picking up a book when you are bored with TV or haven’t had a good read in a while.  I’ve read more books this year than I have in the past 10 years because of my year end 2020 goal setting.  And it has been so enriching to my life.  Below a a few 2021 journal entries.  

In your style of travel, I think we have all looked at wanting to get back out there after being confined to home or closer to it.  Making travel a priority again - safely is part of my 2022 change planning.  More to come on this front in 2022.  

In your diet or weekly menu - experimenting with a new recipe or thumbing thru old collections of recipes not yet tried or made in a while.  Nothing stimulates the desire to cook for me than successfully tweaking a recipe to my own taste - or families preferences.  We get into meal ruts and for me it always leads to a cheat in my eating plan if I don’t think “of changing it up".   

In your exercise routine - this is a hard one for me as I’m not fond of exercise for the sake of doing it.  I’m much better with exercise with a purpose, when there is a visual result immediately afterward. Like Cleaning out the garage, daily walking the dog (my studio assistant loves this one!), gardening and the color that inspires me to really look and enjoy my hard work, or journaling when a page is finished or I've captured a quick impression and essence of place.   

In your connections - more interpersonal  quality relationships.  I’ve been absent quite a lot from Facebook and Instagram this past year.  Due to feeling disenchanted with the forums.  Wondering what is better for reaching out to be of service or inspiration to others.  To connect in a more meaningful way.  (If you have suggestions please let me know.) What I do know is that I’m more of an introvert than most public social media platforms promote.  YouTube included, which has been an intriguing possibility but seems so time consuming.  However finding a group of genuine like minded creators and kindred spirits is my most earnest desire.  

And finally - A change in how you look at the ordinary of everyday often means an opening of spirit or your mind to the new and unexplored.  For me this offers real possibilities in 2022.  While I’m not ready to divulge what those changes are, I am forcing myself to make the change from dreaming of the someday plans to stretching out of my comfort zone and starting the ball rolling……….

What does or could “change" look like for you in 2022?   

Best Wishes for you and yours, 


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