Friday, September 4, 2009

Just hours to go

And before you know it I'll be in Italy, well in exactly about 24 hours that is. I'm packed and next to get dressed and on my way to Dulles Airport. Flight leaves at 12:30 pm so most of the next several hours will be travel time to Dulles. And then a very long wait at JFK until 8:30 tonight when we leave for Pisa. Into Pisa their time at 11:35 am 9/5/09.

So most of the last several days has been non art related except for the packing and weening out the necessary from the not as necessary. You see I pack from the everything but the kitchen sink manual. So this is REAL HARD. But I am beginning to force myself into a "Plein Air" state of mind, a roving artist ready to paint in what ever beautiful site Tuscany has for me. Or at least that is what I'm telling myself.

The reality is that it may take that first glass of real Italian Chianti to get me to relax! The truth is I may not have any art to post here until Sunday. It's not an official painting day but it will be our first full day in Italy so I hope to do some sketching at the Castello di Colognole where we are staying near Greve. More on that Sunday.

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